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2014 Atlanta Magazine Five Star Wealth Manager Award Winner


Welcome to Peachtree Financial Group.

The Peachtree Process is designed to help you PROTECT, GROW and ENJOY your wealth through all phases of your financial life.

Its sounds simple............. but achieving your maximum financial potential is not easy.

Ask yourself these four questions:  

  1. Do you know the difference between active investing and evidence based investing? Yes or No
  2. Do you have a strategic process that can validate and verify your financial decisions or are you just hoping your advisor's plan is correct? Yes or No
  3. Can you name the 10 wealth eroding factors that might limit your full financial potential? Yes or No
  4. Do you a financial model that organizes, integrates and coordinates everything in your financial life? Yes or No

If you answered YES to all four...Congratulations, you are on way to a successful financial life.

If you answered NO to any question, your future deserves better!  Call us for an initial consultation.

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